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Management and Resources Development Initiative is a multi-disciplinary, not-for-profit, non-government organisation engaged in a wide spectrum of social development activities. Its objectives are developing the standard and quality of the media, enhancing physical and mental well-being of the people and empowerment of women, adolescents, children, minority and other marginalised sections of the population. Partners of MRDI include well-reputed think tank, research organisations and development agencies. Besides, it gets support from international and local donors, embassies and UN agencies.

  On Going Projects

MDGs & Year 2015:

Upcoming Project Activities

Orientation for Journalists: Maternal and Young Child nUtrition

Orientation for NGOs: Media Relations

Interaction between Journalists and NGOs: Scaling up Nutrition

In partnership with CSA for SUN

To be decided, Chittagong; 23 March 2015, Khulna; 24 March 2015, Barisal; 1 April 2015, Sylhet; 21 April 2015, Rangpur; 22 April 2015, Rajshahi;


Six Orientation for school teachers on RTI

in partnership with MJF

28-30 March, Six Jessore Upazilas- Jessore Sadar, Keshabpur, Jhikargachha, Chougachha, Bagharpara, Monirampur


Divisional orientation on ethical reporting on and for children

in partnership with UNICEF

31 March 2015, Sylhet


Training for journalist at divisional level on Local Government Budget Oversight

in partnership with British High Commission

To be decided, Sylhet


Nature of Activities

Completed Projects

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